Performing maintenance on your boat trailer

What's important to remember when dealing with your boat trailer is that it isn't just a transporting device, but a completely separate tool on its own that also needs maintenance and repairs to be able to function properly in all scenarios. You shouldn't perform extensive repairs on your own if you don't have the experience and knowledge needed. However, you should consider performing basic maintenance and troubleshooting to make sure your trailer stays in top condition.


Possibly the most important items on your trailer are the lights. They alert surrounding traffic of where you're heading and make you visible in the dark. Therefore, you need to make sure they are in best possible condition. These particular boat trailer parts are of extra importance to inspect often, as they are being submersed in water every time you unload the boat. You should make sure to check your lights every time before you're using your trailer in the dark. Have someone stand behind the boat trailer. Test your blinkers and brake lights. If there are any lights that don't turn on, you should have them repaired immediately. If none of the lights work, you need to inspect the connection between boat trailer and car.


The tyres of your trailer might, just as well as it happens to the tyres on your car, get worn and break after use. Therefore, you should check the tyres regularly to make sure the air pressure is optimal to carry the heavy load that is your boat. You should also make sure you have a spare tyre from a place like Transtyle Trailers to your trailer if the worst were to happen. Another thing you might want to check is if the jack you have for your car can work on your trailer as well. It's not guaranteed, and if it doesn't fit, you'll need to purchase a new one that can be used on your boat trailer.


You should wash your trailer regularly, and it's not exaggerated to clean it after every time you've used it. It's especially important you do this if you launch your boat in salt water, as salt might cause your trailer to corrode. Wash the salt away before anything has had time to happen to your trailer. It might be enough to just flush it off with the garden hose. You should also clean your trailer more thoroughly every now and again. The main reason for this is that dirt and pieces of gravel might have gotten stuck in your trailer, and these might require some scrubbing to come off.