Automotive 101 | Tips on What to Do With Your Old Car

Your road unworthy car is not completely useless since you can earn some few coins from it. Instead of letting the old car lie around in your compound, probably eating up the parking space of your estate and posing as a safety hazard, here are some few things you can do with it.

Call in a wrecking yard

One of the one of best things you can do is selling it to a wrecking yard. These are companies that buy old cars and sorely run scrap yards. When you sell them your unwanted car, they wreck it, resell the parts that still have value and recycle the scrap metal.

The good thing about selling the old junk to a wrecking yard is that you will not have to worry about transport since the yard will take care of this. But first, remove all your possessions from the car before letting them tow it away. Remember to take your registration papers with you and leave them a copy. This is because you will need to sign a declaration form to change your car's ownership. Additionally, ensure you retain the plate number as you don't want it falling into the wrong hands.

Sell the vehicle or its parts

Selling your vehicle is a good way to gain value. However, if you want to gain maximum returns, organise yourself well and plan before time. Collect all documents such as manuals, titles, bills of sale, warranties and service records. Buyers might need to take advantage of warranties and having these documents will speak well for you.

Service the vehicle and make it look as new as possible to give it an appealing look. Dust and thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of the car. Remember to fix the things that will increase your car's value and appearance such as scratches and dents by making low costs repairs yourself.  Alternatively, you could also sell your car in parts. That may give you a lot more returns if the interior components are functioning well.

Donate it to charity

Contrary to common practice, you can donate your car to charity. Simply call in a charity organisation that accepts old cars and have them tow away the old junk from your compound. They can then sell it at a profit and use the money to fund their charity projects. If you want to benefit financially, ensure you itemize your returns, which you will use to claim fair market value for your donation.