2 Important Considerations When You're Ready to Take Driving Lessons

If you're thinking of taking driving lessons as an adult or are ready to take the lessons in order to get your Australian driver's license, you want to ensure you choose the best instructor and best method of learning for you. It's also good to understand what is involved in the process of getting your license after lessons, as simply knowing how to steer a car is not enough. Note a few important considerations to discuss with an instructor when you're ready to take driving lessons.

1. Consider dual controlled vehicles versus a family vehicle

Many driving schools offer their own cars in which you can take your driving lessons, and these may be dual controlled. This means that there is a steering wheel and pedals on the passenger side of the car as well as the driver's side, so that the instructor can take over the driving as needed. This can be a good safety feature to have when you're just starting out with driving and for those who are especially nervous behind the wheel, as you know there is much less risk of an actual crash if the instructor can control the vehicle at any time.

On the other hand, there is also an advantage to taking your lessons in a family vehicle in that you get accustomed to the feel of that vehicle itself. When you're ready to take a final test for your driver's license, you might feel very uncomfortable in a completely different car than the one used for your lessons. Discuss these two options with your instructor so that he or she can help you determine the right choice for your lessons.

2. Preparing for tests

Driving lessons should include more than just time on the road, as the tests you will take to get your license will include more than just a driving exam itself. There is a long written test you'll need to take to get your driver's license, and you need to get a certain number of those questions correct in order to get your license no matter how well you perform behind the wheel. 

When choosing an instructor or driving school, ask how much time they will spend with you on the written test and reviewing road rules, practical driving information, and the like. Be sure you choose a school that will adequately cover these things for as long as you need so you know you'll get your license when the time comes.

For more information and options, talk with different driving schools in your area, like Road Ready.