5 pointers that indicate your vehicle requires transmission repair

It occurs sooner for some car models than others; however, if you drive your vehicle long enough, chances are that it will require transmission repair service at some point. Depending on the length of time the vehicle has been on the road with transmission problems and the extent of damage done, the transmission may need to undergo servicing or even complete replacement. Luckily, cars often inform you when the transmission is beginning to fail, and the earlier you take it to a qualified auto mechanic, the greater your prospects are of evading the cost of a complete rebuild. Therefore, it's important that you don't overlook the symptoms when they surface. Here are 5 pointers that your vehicle desperately requires transmission repair.

Difficulties with shifting gears

Typically, your car's gears form a vital part of the transmission, and any difficulties with shifting gears are a giveaway that your transmission is faulty. Warning signs may include:

  • Falling out of gear when driving
  • Changing gears for no real reason
  • Difficulty when putting the vehicle into gear
  • Jolting when changing gears

If you notice any of the above-mentioned signs, take your car for check-up immediately.

Grinding or shaking between gears

If shifting gears generates a grinding sound in manual transmissions or a shaking sound in automatic transmissions, perhaps your clutch is worn out. In any case, don't ignore it. Call in an auto mechanic to troubleshoot your car.

Weird noises

Usually, transmission faults become evident when the car starts to produce weird noises, such as whining, clunking or even buzzing. Additionally, if the car produces too much noise while in neutral, it's time to have it checked.

Burnt, hazy transmission fluid

The condition of the transmission fluid can also point to the state of the transmission system itself. Normally, transmission fluid features a bright red colour and a unique sweet smell. However, when the fluid becomes darker and smells burnt when you leave your car, know that trouble is brewing inside the transmission. Hot, burning smell isn't normal and, more often than not, it's the transmission system that's the source of the problem.

Leaking transmission fluid

The presence of red fluid droplets on your driveway points towards transmission fluid leaks. If the leak persists, whether it's clear or hazy, your transmission system may be subject to further damage. Therefore, take your car to an auto mechanic for troubleshooting and transmission repair.

Failure to respond to the above-mentioned warning signs can cause further worsening of your transmission system. Therefore, you need to act fast and seek transmission repair from professional auto mechanics.