Considerations When Investing In a Liftgate for Backloading

If you were looking for a solution to facilitate automotive backloading on your truck, a good option would be a liftgate. A liftgate is a platform that has been attached to the rear or the side of a truck that is easily raised and lowered using an electronic hydraulic system. However, not all liftgates are designed to function the same. There are a range of specifications that one would have to consider, including the weight of the cargo, the lifting capacity of the liftgate, the size of the platform and more. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when investing in a truck bed liftgate for backloading.

Ensure the liftgate is compatible with the height of the truck bed

One of the biggest inconveniences you can experience with a liftgate is when you attempt to hang your liftgate beneath the truck but there is insufficient height clearance to allow the gate to be put on it. This will result in the liftgate not touching the ground, or even not opening at all. When investing in a liftgate, there are two main terms regarding the truck bed height that you should keep in mind.

The first term is laden, which represents the height of the truck bed when it is carrying a full load. This load will lead to the depression of the truck's chassis, hence denoting the lowest point that truck's body will ever be. The second term is unladen, and this refers to the truck bed being empty. Hence, reflecting the highest point that the truck's body will be. When investing in a liftgate, these specifications are important, as they will dictate the minimum requirements that the liftgate will need as well as the maximum distance that the platform will require to lower loads straight to the ground.

Consider all the weight that the liftgate will be under

One mistake people make when it comes to the weight capacity of the liftgate is simply accounting for the backload. However, there are numerous other weights that the liftgate can be exposed to at any given time. Overlooking these other load weights can easily lead you to overload your liftgate and cause it to malfunction before its time. Additionally, underestimating the weight bearing capacity of the liftgate also puts the operator at risk of injury. Before purchasing a truck bed liftgate, ensure you have accounted for:

  • The weight of the cargo it will be carrying.
  • The weight of the packaging or container of the cargo.
  • The weight of the loading device.
  • The weight of the operator.

These are just a few of the things to consider when looking at liftgates. For more information, talk with automotive experts in backloading and liftgates.