Taking Care of Your Car Straight After an Off Road Drive

Off road driving is a hobby for many car loving people that are looking for excitement. Driving off road is a challenging task even for specialised vehicles, and for you to make sure that your car can handle it, you need to make sure you take care of it properly. The most important time for vehicle care is straight after you've been out on a drive, and to make your vehicle work as well as possible, there are a few things you need to do directly when you come back to the garage after an off road trip.


The first thing you should do when getting back home after an off road drive is to wash your car thoroughly. This is to make it presentable, but also to make it easier to discover damages and flaws that might have occurred during the drive. It's also important as dirt can have gotten into sensitive parts of the equipment, which can threaten to damage the equipment later by putting unnecessary wear on these parts while you're driving.


Check your tyre pressure as soon as you get back to make sure you haven't gotten any leaks in the tyres caused by the drive. You should also make sure to check it the day after the drive. The warm air in your tyres straight after the drive can give a false reading on the pressure meter as the air is still expanding. If you check it the day after, the air has cooled down and you will be able to see how much the pressure has gone down. You should also pump your tyres to the appropriate pressure after every drive you make. This also includes the spare tyre.


As the 4x4 suspension is such a large part of your vehicle in order to make it appropriate for off road usage, this is one of the parts you should examine closely after every time you've put it to the test. Check large components, like the track bar, to make sure they don't have any sign of wear and that they are appropriately cleaned. Get under your car and examine screws and bolts to make sure nothing is loose or in the danger zone of getting loose. Check all parts closely for wear to discover if there are any parts of your suspension that are rubbing against each other. Doing this check after every off road drive will make it easy for you to discover even the smallest of changes. 

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