3 Accessories You May Need After Lifting Your Truck

Lift kits help to raise the profile of a truck so that bigger tyres can be installed. However, additional features may have to be installed in order to smooth out any imbalances created by the lift kit that you used. This article discusses three accessories that you may need after lifting your truck.

Shock Absorbers

Larger tyres can make a ride rougher. This is because the larger surface area of the bigger tyres increases the magnitude of any jolts felt as you drive over an uneven surface. You can make your ride smoother by installing a stronger set of shock absorbers so that the suspension system of your 4WD is in a better position to move up and down in tandem with the undulations on the surface you are driving on.


The rear of your 4WD may sag after you have installed a suspension lift kit. That sagging may cause the headlights to point up instead of straight ahead of the vehicle. You can add an extra leaf to the leaf springs on your vehicle in order to rectify that sagging. This accessory will raise the rear of your 4WD so that the headlights begin lighting up the road ahead, instead of the treetops. The add-a-leaf spring will also increase the weight-bearing capacity of your 4WD vehicle. This will allow you to tow heavier loads.

New Leaf Springs

You may realise that the lift kit you used did not alter the profile of your truck sufficiently. If that truck has coil springs, a new set of leaf springs can be installed to raise the truck a little more. This feature is different from an add-a-leaf installation because an add-a-leaf involves putting an extra leaf on existing leaf springs, while installing new leaf springs is done on vehicles that did not have leaf springs. Installing leaf springs may be more affordable than buying a new lift kit to replace the one that has become insufficient for your needs.

It's best to talk to a suspension professional, such as Wilkinson Suspension Centre, before you install any of the accessories above. The professional will determine how to make adjustments for other components (such as the steering system) that may be affected by the changed profile of the truck. It is also advisable to be very cautious when driving the truck that has just had a lift kit installed. This cautious approach will enable you to remain safe as you get used to handling your altered vehicle.