Auto Service | 3 Tricks To Prep Your Car For Driving In Winter

You probably use your car for all kinds of errands, so you naturally want to keep it in optimum condition at all times by getting regular auto service. Preparing your car to drive in winter is vital to a hassle-free and safe journey every time. This guide is designed to help you follow certain steps to prep your car for driving in winter.

Get The Battery Checked

The cold temperatures of winter can be tough on your battery, so you should ideally get your batteries checked at a professional auto service company. All corrosion should be removed to prevent the battery from dying. While Australia certainly doesn't get as cold as other countries, it can get nippy enough during winters. When the temperatures dip, most fluids tend to thicken. The battery then has to use more power to heat up everything to get them moving, which puts a strain on it. Getting your battery checked just before winter will help to ensure that it doesn't die out at an inopportune time. 

Check That Tyres Have Sufficient Tread

Driving during winters is often trickier because of the wetness and sleet that sometimes appears on the roads. If you're driving on these icy roads, your tyres should have sufficient tread to prevent slipping and accidents. If your tyre treads are old and worn out, then it's prudent to get them replaced before winter arrives. Unevenly worn out tyres can cause your car to lose balance, skid and pull to one side while driving, which could put you and passengers at risk. Tyres with good tread have better traction and grip on the road when you drive, so they are better equipped to safely tackle tougher winter conditions. If the tread is uneven and worn out, get the tyres replaced by a professional auto service company before you drive in winter.

Change Oil Filter And Engine Oil

While changing the oil filter and engine oil is a usual requirement, it is especially smart before the onset of the cold winter climate. Dirty engine oil will thicken up more than usual in winter, which will make it even harder to power the engine, causing your car to consume more fuel than necessary. Apart from checking and changing engine oil, keep in mind that oil filters may also get dirty over time. You may need to get yours replaced to ensure that your engine receives sufficient oil for an optimum performance.

Get to an auto service company as soon as possible and follow these tricks when preparing your car for winter driving.