How to Maintain Tinted Car Windows

If you have decided to tint your car windows, you will enjoy having more privacy and keeping the inside of your car cool. However, the tinted windows still need to be maintained on a regular basis. Here are some tips for maintaining the tinted windows.

Leave the Window Alone For a Few Days

It is important that for the first few days after having your car's windows tinted, you don't do anything with them. Do not clean them at all within these first days. The technician at the car service that tinted the windows should do the first cleaning of the windows when they are finished applying the tinting film, so your windows will be clean. Your windows will be okay if you live somewhere that is currently raining, though try to park your car with some shade and protection from the elements. Also avoid rolling down the windows for a couple days after they have been tinted.

Use Ammonia-Free Cleaner

When it comes time to clean the windows, choose your window cleaner carefully. The technician who did the tinting will likely provide you with a list of cleaners that are safe. When you purchase the cleaner, it is essential that it does not contain any ammonia, as this can affect the tinting window film. Don't use cleaning materials that come with ingredients that are abrasive, such as baking soda. While these may work well for some windows, they can scratch the tinting film and require it to be redone. A rubber squeegee works good along with your window cleaner, but don't use a squeegee that contains metal parts that might come in contact with the window. For this reason, you don't want to use squeegees at gas stations for washing windows. These tend to have metal components near the rubber part that could scratch the tinting film.

Wipe Away Cleaner With Microfiber

Aside from the squeegee, the next best thing to use when cleaning the windows is a microfiber cloth. This type of cloth is very soft and not at all abrasive for the windows. It won't scratch the surface of the tinted windows, nor will it leave behind lint that many other towels and cloths do. Microfiber is also great at picking up dirt and debris from the surface of the windows. You can also use the cloth with nothing but water for routine cleaning. Make sure you clean your windows regularly to avoid more debris buildup that is harder to remove.