Maintenance Tips to Prolonging the Life of Your Tyres

Considering that your tyres provide you with direct contact with the road when driving, they tend to be prone to wear and tear. As such, they will need to be replaced at one time or another. However, tyre replacement does not have to be a frequent expense for you. By taking the correct measures toward maintaining them, not only do you prolong their lifespan but also ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy. Here are some maintenance tips you could take toward enhancing the lifespan of your tyres. 

Ensure the tyres have the right pressure

It is advisable to make it a habit of regularly checking the pressure of your tyres. If your tyres have the appropriate inflation, they ensure your safety on the road as well as prolongs their lifespan. It should be noted though that even driving at ideal conditions does not make your tyres exempt from losing their pressure. The loss of pressure increases when compounded with driving in high temperatures. This is why it is recommended to regularly check your tyre pressure and inflate them as need be.

Ensure the tyres are rotated

Rotating your tyres comprises interchanging the position of the different tyres once in a while. Tyre rotation works toward ensuring that all the tyres are wearing out at the same pace. Since the front tyres tend to wear out at a faster rate than the back tyres, drivers find themselves needing to replace these front tyres long before the back tyres require replacement. By rotating them, you prolong the tread life of your front tyres, as you will find you will not require to replace your tyres one at a time. Additionally, regular rotation also enhance the balancing and handling of the vehicle on the road. It should be noted though that regular rotating of your tyres would not solve any problems that are caused by misalignment or improper inflation of the tyres.

Ensure the tread of the tyres is regularly inspected

The tyre tread are what provide traction for the vehicle when on the road. As such, it is prudent to ensure you are not driving around with worn treads. One of the surefire signs that your tyres require retreading is visibility of the tread wear bears. When inspecting the treads, also check for any objects that may have become lodged in between them. Debris within the grooves of the treads means the treads cannot provide adequate tractions, thus they need to be eliminated. It should be noted though that foreign objects such as nails that have penetrated the rubber should only be removed by an auto mechanic to avoid acquiring a flat tyre.  

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