4 Qualities To Consider Before Hiring A Ute For A Removal Job

A ute is the right vehicle to hire if you need to carry out some light removals at home, be it furniture, appliances, equipment, trash or yard waste. Requiring just a class C license and with hourly hires accepted by many rental companies, it is a versatile and convenient means of transportation. Below, read about some of the things you should look for in a ute before hiring one.

Single or double cab?

Utes come in either a single or a double cab. A single cab can carry just the driver and two passengers. Double cabs can carry the driver plus 4-5 passengers. If you have a number of people that you plan to carry on the ute, therefore, checking the number of cabs on the vehicle is vital. That way, you don't end up needing to hire a second vehicle to accommodate the rest of your entourage.

Soft or hard cargo tray?

Utes also come in both soft and hard body trays. Both can carry light to medium loads without any problems. However, hard body trays are tougher and can take rough treatment better without denting or breaking. They are therefore better suited where bulky items will be involved. In addition to that, hard body trays have drop-down sides. This eases loading and unloading as you can use any of the three sides on the tray.

Mounted bars or not?

Although many utes simply have a tray at the back. Others are modified further and feature mounted horizontal bars. These bars are located on the front and back sides of the tray. Some utes also have mounted bars at the front. These bars are helpful when you need to carry lengthy items such as timber or metal/plastic pipes, items that cannot fit inside the tray. Thanks to these bars, such loads are accommodated safely without hanging over the windscreen or trailing behind on the ground.

Open or enclosed tray?

When it comes to ute trays, they can also be open (the more common version), or enclosed via a fabricated cage. The former design is ideal for standard cargo such as water tanks, furniture, and appliances. However, if you are planning to carry loads that need to be contained so that they do not fall off the tray, the latter is better. This includes items such as firewood, timber pieces, scrap metal, fruits, etc.

The only other factor you may need to evaluate is whether the vehicle has a manual or automatic transmission system. And that's it. Consider the above, choose a ute and get started on your removal job! You can find more information at websites like http://www.joondalupcarhire.com.au/.