Easy But Overlooked Tips for Keeping Your Car in Good Running Order

Every car will need maintenance and repairs at one time or another, but too often car owners neglect simple tasks that can go a long way toward keeping their car in good running order. Overlooking certain maintenance chores or certain other easy tips can mean putting extra wear and tear on your car and causing premature damage to many major systems. Note a few simple things you can remember to keep your car in good running order no matter its make, model, or current mileage.

1. Use only the same types of tires 

When you need to only replace one tire on your car, you may not think much about the brand or type you choose. However, it's good to have all four tires on your car match, as different tires will have different tread patterns. These different types of tread can cause one tire to pull the car in that direction. In turn, that tire may see more wear and tear or the other tires may tend to drag and they get worn down more quickly. This can also put wear on the car's steering mechanisms, as you work harder to keep the car driving straight.

2. Upgrade the battery

If your car has a weak battery or one without a lot of cold cranking amps, meaning your engine needs to struggle to turn over and especially during those cold winter mornings, you might consider an upgrade. Cranking your engine means more wear and tear on all of its components, whereas a stronger battery can mean having the engine turn over on the first try, every time. This can protect your engine from that excessive wear as well as ensure it starts every morning.

3. Flush the fluids

When you get an oil change, your mechanic may top off the transmission, brake, and power steering fluids and the coolant in your radiator. This can keep your car lubricated and cool, but note that it's good to have all those fluids flushed regularly rather than just filled. Old fluid can hold dirt, rust, and other contaminants that get circulated through the car's engine and other components. This can cause corrosion and wear and make those parts work harder than they should. Plan for regular fluid flushes of the radiator, transmission, steering, and brake lines every year or as recommended by the car's manufacturer to keep it in good working order.