Extend Your Car Battery's Life Performance with the Following Steps

No one ever wants to experience this scenario: You are rushing to an urgent appointment with your boss, but upon starting the car, the engine flops. Things like this are very much avoidable if you think ahead and do some maintenance on your car batteries A car battery is a rechargeable battery whose main function is to provide electric energy to your car and starting its engine. Ignoring it can be costly in repairs or replacements. Follow these steps to extend your car battery's lifespan with ease:

Always drive your car to keep it active

If you don't often drive your car, its battery will become dormant, leading to the corrosion of its internal components, i.e. acid, wires, terminals, etc. To preserve the needed battery charge, endeavor to drive your vehicle regularly for at least 20 minutes per week so that you can always keep its battery active and operational. Additionally, ensure that your car battery's charging rate is checked every time you take your car for servicing at the auto garage because undercharging or overcharging will reduce car battery's life.

Learn to service your car battery at home.

There are some car battery maintenance and repair tasks you can do at home. One of these is checking and cleaning the battery's casing and terminals to prevent dirt and dampness from affecting the battery components which can cause it to lose charge. Additionally, ensure that the battery is secure in its place all the time. The vibrations while driving can damage the battery's plates, so always inspect them regularly and mostly look out for loose connections and partly detached terminals.

Avoid practices that unnecessarily drain your battery

Always ensure that you turn off any car accessories that might keep draining your battery even while you aren't using them. Such practices include keeping the engine running even while not driving, keeping the sound systems on, keeping the car lights on during the day, etc. When used all the time, such practices can rapidly discharge your car batteries and this will require you to make a recharge. But remember that constant recharging can shorten your battery's lifespan.

The above guidelines come in handy since you never know when your car's engine might come to an abrupt halt. You need to learn and master the basics of car battery self-servicing. If the battery's issue requires a more technical approach, quickly find an auto-service garage near you to have it inspected and the necessary service done.