How Oversize Loads Are Stabilised on Trucks

Some owners of oversize cargo (cargo that exceeds the normal dimensions of permissible loads on roads) worry that their expensive equipment will become unbalanced and be damaged during transit. This article discusses some techniques that oversize haulers may use to secure the cargo so that it is not damaged while in transit. Use this information to seek for additional clarification on the exact methods used by your preferred shipping company to secure oversize cargo that they transport on their oversize trucks.

Rigging Materials Options

Oversize loads can be secured onto trucks using a combination of different rigging materials (such as nylon webbing and metal cables) in order to prevent that cargo from tipping over during transit. The different materials back up each other. Thus, the cargo will remain secure even if one of the rigging methods fails. For example, the metal chains can remain holding the cargo when the ropes fail.

Determine How to Balance the Load

Oversize transporters can use their vast experience to determine how the cargo should be placed on the heavy load truck so that the load is stable. This placement may utilise awareness of the center of gravity of the cargo in order to determine where it is critical to place rigging materials so that the load is stable on the truck.

Selection of the Right Truck

Oversize haulers have a huge variety of trucks to choose from (such as trucks with extendable beds and tilt trucks). No amount of rigging can safeguard a load if that load is placed on the wrong truck for that kind of cargo. The hauler may use this knowledge to pick the best truck for your cargo so that nothing can go amiss during transit. For example, the shipping company can decide to use a low-loader to transport your heavy construction machinery because such a truck has a bed that is very close to the ground. It is easy to load the equipment onto such a truck. Such a truck also has a very low center of gravity, so there will be a reduced chance that the load will be unstable during transit.

As you can see, oversize shippers do everything in their power to secure a load onto a truck so that it does not sustain any damage during transit. You should take your time when selecting an oversize transport firm so that you are sure that their professionalism and experience will deliver your cargo undamaged.