3 great tips to follow when buying a caravan

Nothing beats the fun of camping with friends and family. So if you intend to have a good time outdoors with the comfort of a modern living space, you should definitely get yourself a caravan. However, acquiring a good one is not that easy. Below are some great ways to help you get the best value for your money.

Attend multiple caravan sales

Normally, people just look at one or two caravan sales and leave it at that. An excellent way to find a good caravan is by participating in many caravan sales, so do not stop at one. To find the latest sales, look out for any available advertisements online or from your local caravan dealers. The good thing about such events is that there will be a pool of sellers. This not only gives you a wide array of design options, but it also increases your chances of acquiring one at a throw away price.

Attending more than just one sale will also enable you to carry out a more practical and extensive research on caravan options and make a better comparison of the different prices out there. Moreover, being face to face with sellers will also make bargaining easier and enable you to score a much lower price. Additionally, all dealers at caravan sales should be licensed, thus assuring you of a legitimate transaction. Remember, the more the sales you attend, the more interactions with experts you shall have, thus the more refined caravan advice you'll receive.

Go for pop tops

When looking for a caravan, go for pop tops. These are low-profile small- or medium-sized caravans that can easily fit in the average garage or backyard. They are characterised by an innovative fold-down roof section that offers great shading for relaxation. As a plus, they are fairly affordable. In addition, they are also lighter and require less towing force. This in turn enables you to save on fuel costs for transportation.

Buy based on tow vehicle

You need to purchase your caravan based on the size of the vehicle you'll use to tow it. A large caravan would look better on an equally large vehicle than on a small one. On the other hand, a very small caravan would look awkward at the back of a huge vehicle. Furthermore, it would be difficult to tow a big heavy caravan using a small vehicle. So, remember to check the tow capacity of your vehicle so as to avoid stressing it.